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Instant matchmaking

Leverage the genuine, unique content you have created by engaging with partners. On Podcasts Makers, matches between Brands & Podcasters are automatically powered by our first-party technology that identifies patterns of aligned interests between content creators & announcers.

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Identify the next trending topics & speakers

Staying relevant is critical to keep your audience engaged & grow it. Find, refine, classify, sort & customize search queries on Podcasts Makers about trending topics across all podcast & other media platforms in your target audience. Identify key opinion leaders & emerging speakers to stay ahead of the curve.

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Test the reach potential of your podcast & episode

By building the largest database of podcasts, we help forecast an expected reach of your podcast (read = the monetization potential) depending upon the frequency, length, topic, timing of publication, broadcasting platform sequencing & many other insights we’re able to draw across this particular media.